Our 5 Favorite Stained Glass Installations in the U.S.

Traditionally, stained glass installation was only meant for churches, mosques, public offices, and other holy buildings. But now you can find these stunning works of art in other institutions as well. Let’s explore some of the most beautiful stained and leaded glass windows in the United States.


Inspiring Stained Glass Installations from Across the United States

Here are our five favorite stained glass installations in the U.S.:



1. St. Michael’s Church in New York 

The St. Michael’s Church in NYC is widely admired for its beautiful stained glass installation

Tiffany glass stained-glass measuring five feet by twenty-two feet in size depicts ‘St. Michael’s Victory in Heaven.’ Louis Comfort Tiffany collaborated with Rev. Jon Punnett on the design, which uses four layers of bright jewel colored stained glass to create an aesthetic that looks like clouds, sky, and drapery. 


chicago cultural center dome stained glass window


2. Tiffany Stained Glass in the Chicago Cultural Center


The Cultural Center in Chicago is home to the largest Tiffany glass dome. It measures around 38 feet in diameter and spans over 1,000 sq. meters. It’s held inside an ornate iron frame that supports over 30,000 stained glass pieces. The glasswork is sectioned into 243 sections fabricated in vibrant colors. 


3. La Canada Congregational Church in Los Angeles

The La Canada Congregational Church in Los Angeles is famously known as the ‘Church of the Lighted Window.’ Poet Laureate John McGroarty inspired the design.


credit: www.marybakereddylibrary.org

4. The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston

The Mary Baker Eddy Library of Boston is known for its enormous three-story glass sphere representing the entire globe. Visitors can experience the world inside-out as they gaze upon the light pouring through the colored glass. 


hotel boulderado stained glass ceiling restoration

5. Hotel Boulderado in Colorado 

The stained glass ceiling in Colorado’s Hotel Boulderado is a sight you don’t want to miss.  The ceiling looks stunning on a sunny day with the light shining through! 


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