Westminster Stained Glass

Stained Glass Installation in Westminster

westminster-stained-glassDenver Stained Glass provides Westminster homeowners with custom stained glass that will fit the unique decor and architecture of their home. Our local experts provide an in-home consultation to all of our customers so they can start customizing and designing their own stained glass panels. Our designers will bring photographs, designs, and samples of previous work we have completed to help give you a better sense of what you are looking for in a stained glass window. We also provide you with many options of where to place the glass, including in windows, doors, transoms, and cabinets.


Benefits of Stained Glass

  1. Bathroom stained glass provides privacy while still allowing the natural light to stream through the windows.
  2. Entryway stained glass is essential for both safety and privacy reasons. It ensures that no one can see through your door or sidelights.
  3. Kitchen stained glass can be used on windows, doors, and even kitchen cabinet doors.
  4. Wine rooms or cellar doors can be upgraded with grape or Tuscan inspired stained glass pieces.
  5. Transoms, especially those above arm’s reach, are a hassle to put blinds on because they need adjusting depending on the time of day. Stained glass will ensure your privacy around the clock.


Popular Stained Glass Styles in Westminster

  • Celtic stained glass
  • Traditional stained glass
  • Contemporary stained glass
  • Aspen collection stained glass
  • Art Nouveau stained glass
  • Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass

Contact Our Team Today

Our Denver Stained Glass experts would love to provide you with an in-home consultation! Did we mention this consultation was free? All of our first-time consultations will be free, as well as our installations. Adding stained glass to your home can give it a greater sense of character, and it allows you to add your own charm to both the interior and exterior. Contact us today to start working with one of our expert designers and create a stunning glass piece for your Westminster residential home!