Golden Stained Glass

Custom Stained Glass in Golden, Colorado

golden-transoms-stained-glass-windowsDenver Stained Glass has a large market of customers in the Golden, Colorado area. Residents in this area have shown to be increasingly interested in custom stained glass. At our studio, we do offer general designs and styles that are chosen based on the architecture and decor of your home when clients do not want to go through the process of creating custom stained glass on their own. However, another benefit we offer is a free consultations to help our customers decide on a style they like. Our expert designers will personally come to your home or the location of your choice to meet with you and discuss your wants and needs. They will provide photographs, designs, and examples of previous work to provide inspiration for your creation.

The Aspen Collection for Golden Homes

golden-aspen-stained-glassGolden is filled with beautiful aspen trees and other flora due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Denver Stained Glass offers an aspen stained glass collection that is targeted toward those who own homes in or near the mountains. This design will accentuate your home and keep that mountain/lodge feel. If you are looking to personalize your home and add some character to match your outdoor surroundings, our design experts can help you design the perfect stained glass window or door. The aspen collection emulates all of the spring, summer, and fall colors, and you can choose from many different leaf styles.

Areas of the Home to Add Stained Glass

Entryways and bathrooms are some of the main areas of the home we build stained glass for. These areas are subject to unwanted eyes peering in, and stained glass is the perfect solution. It still allows all of the natural light to flow into the room but adds a sense of privacy since outsiders are unable to see through to the interior. Another benefit is that you won’t need blinds. You no longer need to open and close blinds every morning and night because stained glass is an all-in-one solution for privacy and appearance. Other areas of the home that benefit from stained glass are transoms, kitchen cabinets, wine cellar doors, and hallway windows.

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