Aurora Stained Glass

Stained Glass in Aurora Residential Homes

aurora-entryway-stained-glassHave you ever considered having stained glass in your home? Stained glass is a beautiful alternative to ordinary glass windows, and it adds a lot of character to your home. Homeowners in Aurora can add to their current architecture by customizing a piece of stained glass that will match the style of their home and compliment the architecture they currently have. Imagine driving by someone’s home with a stained glass entryway or being a guest in someone’s home that has interior stained glass doors. Stained glass is memorable and differentiates your home from others. You can also choose from a variety of styles that Denver Stained Glass has predesigned. With contemporary, traditional, floral, Celtic, and aspen designs, we have every option you can dream of.


Bathroom Stained Glass in Aurora

aurora--denver-living-room-stained-glassStained glass is best described as a functional piece of art. It not only looks great in a room, but it also serves a greater purpose. Most homes these days have windows in their bathrooms. They allow the light to shine in, and who doesn’t love natural light? However, privacy is always an issue when it comes to windows in the bathroom. Stained glass provides a solution for this issue by giving you added privacy so outsiders cannot see through the window, but the glass still allows natural light to come into the space. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration on our bathroom stained glass. Our experts will gladly help you choose the perfect style for your next stained glass installation.