Temple & Synagogue Stained Glass

Stained Glass for Temples & Synagogues in Denver

If you are considering adding stained glass to your Denver area temple, you’ll be joining a long and impressive line of Jewish temples across the globe that have used the ancient and beautiful art of stained glass to enhance their congregation’s worship experience.

With the installation of custom stained glass windows or doors, Denver’s temples and synagogues can partake in a beautiful tradition of worship. Temple stained glass has become increasingly popular in synagogues across the country since the late 19th century.

According to the website Forward.com, “The stained glass window has lent itself inventively to the charitable gesture, becoming a luminous vehicle for saluting the generosity of the congregation’s members. By recording and inscribing in glass the names of those who contributed to the synagogue’s well-being, it evolved into a medium of memory all its very own, one that bears the weight of history, pane by glorious pane.”

Because all of our stained glass windows are custom designed to our clients’ needs, tastes, and specifications, temple stained glass can be as unique, as traditional, as modern, as colorful, as sedate, or as dramatic as desired. Many temple stained glass windows include icons such as the Star of David or the menorah. These stunning windows can depict biblical scenes and figures from the Old Testament, such as Moses with the Ten Commandments, or they can display striking, abstract geometric designs. When it comes to this highly creative art form, you can pick the perfect style of stained glass for your house of worship.

Whether you want stained glass for a single temple window or door or you want a whole wall or ceiling filled with stained glass, we have the experience to create exactly what you are looking for.

About Our Design Process

Our experienced team has been building beautiful religious stained glass for Denver area temples for over two decades. Our process is simple. We will send one of our experienced designers to meet you in the synagogue. Together, you’ll discuss ideas, look at photos, glass samples, and sketches, and get your idea put down on paper. We’ll then create an exact design of your window using CAD technology. Then, one of our specially trained stained glass artisans will take over to build your windows by hand. We use a combination of modern, high-quality materials and traditional hand-building techniques to create a stunningly detailed window that will grace your temple for many generations to come.

For more information about Denver temple stained glass or to set up an appointment, please contact us today! We would love to work with you on your next project.