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A Stained Glass Masterpiece for the Battle Creek Tabernacle

In the world of ecclesiastical artistry, stained glass windows have always held a special place. These magnificent, kaleidoscopic creations have the power to capture the essence of spirituality and history while illuminating the spaces they grace. The latest project undertaken by Denver Stained Glass for the Battle Creek Tabernacle serves as a brilliant testament to the enduring charm and relevance of stained glass in contemporary places of worship.

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A Storied Legacy Meets Modern Craftsmanship

Located in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Battle Creek Tabernacle is a place of great historical and spiritual significance. The church, with roots stretching back to the mid-19th century, has played a pivotal role in the early development of the Seventh-day Adventist movement. Over the years, the congregation has witnessed the evolution of their place of worship, from the humble wooden structures of yesteryears to the current, more modern church building.

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church interior with existing stained glass

In 2023, the church embarked on a remarkable journey to honor its rich heritage by commissioning Denver Stained Glass, a respected name in the world of stained glass artistry, to create a monumental stained glass window. The objective was to not only beautify the interior of the church but also to encapsulate the deep spiritual essence and historical relevance of the Battle Creek Tabernacle.

The Creation of a Masterpiece

Denver Stained Glass embarked on this ambitious project with an understanding that this endeavor was not just about crafting a window; it was about narrating the story of a congregation and a community. The project was awe-inspiring in terms of its scale and significance.

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designed after “The Rescue” by Nathan Greene

The concept for the stained glass window was rooted in the church’s historical journey and the fundamental themes of faith, hope, and salvation. The church selected the inspiring painting titled “The Rescue” by renowned artist Nathan Greene as the basis for this masterpiece.

Denver Stained Glass’s team of master artisans, with their expertise in the fine art of stained glass, embraced this challenge. Translating the delicate details and colors of the original watercolor painting into stained glass was no small feat. Every hue was recalibrated, and the artisans carefully considered how light would interact with the glass to bring out the richness of the palette.
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Ingenious Installation & Custom Design

Preserving the nearly century-old church structure was of paramount importance to the congregation. However, installing a stained glass window of this magnitude posed a unique structural challenge. The window, standing approximately 15 feet in height and 14 feet in width, weighed around 1,000 pounds. To evenly distribute this weight, the Denver Stained Glass team decided to divide the window into ten individually framed panels. This approach allowed for the construction of scaffolding and the installation of the panels one at a time.

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The project required the creation of a custom metal frame that would support the weight of the stained glass. After consulting with structural engineers to ensure the integrity of the structure, the frame was designed to match the existing stained glass windows in the church.

battle creek tabernacle exterior

Then, steel plates were added to the exterior of the church. These steel plates held the custom metal frame in place, allowing the weight of the stained glass to be safely supported by the wall. The steel plates were carefully painted to match the existing brick, preserving the church’s historic aesthetic.

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We also worked with the onsite electrician to develop a clever solution for wiring and lighting. To achieve the effect of light streaming through the glass without visible wires inside the church, a backlit lighting solutins was designed. A conduit was run around the exterior of the building to connect a custom LED lighting system to the control room.
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The Unveiling and Legacy

Once the lighting and metal framing were in place, the meticulous installation of the stained glass panels began. Denver Stained Glass’s team worked diligently, securing each panel one by one, until the window was fully assembled.

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The result was breathtaking. The Battle Creek Tabernacle’s once-blank wall had been transformed into an enchanting work of art, with radiant colors beautifully illuminated, revealing intricate details and stunning artistry. The congregation was thrilled with the outcome.

This monumental stained glass window, now proudly adorning the church, will serve as an enduring symbol of faith, history, and artistic excellence for generations to come. Denver Stained Glass, in collaboration with the Battle Creek Tabernacle, has not only enriched the church’s visual and spiritual appeal but also left an indelible mark on the history of this remarkable place of worship.

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In the heart of Battle Creek, this stained glass masterpiece, with its artistry and historical resonance, stands as a testament to the enduring power of this timeless medium, where history and modern craftsmanship unite to inspire and uplift the spirit.