Church Stained Glass Restoration Project: The Rising Church

We’ve had the honor of working on several church stained glass restoration projects over the past three decades. One of our most recent projects has been successfully completed. This project was at the Rising Church in Arvada, CO. The Rising Church is renowned for its extensive homeless outreach and community work. During an unfortunate misunderstanding, someone thought they heard noises from inside the church after it had closed. In an effort to help, they threw rocks through almost every stained glass window. Fortunately, no one was inside but the result was significant damage to their windows.

Church Stained Glass Restoration Process and Challenges

The original windows built back in 1913 featured hand-painted work and stained glass panels. Approximately 90% of their windows were damaged, therefore, we carefully removed and transported them back to our studio. From there, we had new glass manufactured for a 100% match to the original. Hand-painted pieces were mended through a proprietary process and new lead framing was built. When the original windows had been installed, pieces of the outer lead frame were removed in order to fit the building. In order to combat this challenge, we resized the windows during restoration and shaved them down on-site to ensure proper installation. We also installed an additional custom protective glass layer made of vented polycarbonate for extra protection and durability. Exterior repainting was also completed to create a modern, clean curb appeal.

Work With Denver’s Preferred Church Stained Glass Restoration Expert

Denver Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred church stained glass restoration expert serving the state of Colorado. This successful restoration will offer over a century of additional product life with durability and vibrancy. Our team is always available to help you with your restoration needs. For more information regarding church stained glass restoration projects, please contact us!