Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Stained Glass into Weddings

Weddings season may not be here yet, but brides and grooms in Denver are already getting ready for their big days.  These occasions are a great time to reconnect with friends and families, celebrate love, and get wonderful heirloom photos.  One unique element that will transform wedding and reception venues is stained glass.    Below are a few ways we have seen stained glass used in weddings for a fantastic effect.

Stained Glass Alter Backdrops for Denver Weddings 

 One of the best ways to get gorgeous photos of your vows is to ensure a stained glass backdrop.  You can always select a church with stained glass to ensure it is prevalent in pictures.  However, even if you are not getting married in a church, you can find a stained glass backdrop rental or have a custom stained glass panel made to stand in the background.  Either way, your vows will be picture-perfect with stained glass.

Stained Glass Panels for Memorable Moments

Some people rent photo booths for their weddings; others set up areas with backdrops for selfies and fun group pictures.   Adding a stained glass panel to the mix is the perfect way to add elegance and something very unique to these settings.  Antique stained glass panels are one option, or you can have something custom-made that will become a family heirloom after the celebration.  When you choose custom stained glass, you can have it made with the colors of your wedding, your name, wedding date, and more!

Stained Glass Wedding Reception Signs in Denver

We get quite a few requests for stained glass panels as signs for wedding reception halls.  These panels can be free-standing or come ready to hang.  They are typically used at the entrance to reception to denote the wedding event space.  These are some of the most unique and attractive ways to point people to the reception for your big day.  These always become family heirlooms and are something you can pass down to your kids one day too. 

Contact us for pricing and ideas for more information on custom antique-style stained glass for your Denver area wedding.