Your Denver stained glass repair experts.

Need stained glass repair, Denver or anywhere on the Front Range? We hope you will contact us. At Denver Stained Glass we have over two decades of custom stained glass experience, including many restorations and repairs of antique stained glass panels, large and small.

Many people do not even realize that a stained glass window can be repaired, particularly if it is an antique. They assume the whole thing will fall apart if you try to fix it, or that the glass or leading strips cannot be matched anymore, or that it will cost an arm and a leg to repair.

So they leave their old, broken stained glass window, not realizing it can and should be restored to its original glory.

Although stained glass is built to last, and it does last (there are intact stained glass windows around the world that are hundreds of years old), the fact is that time can take its toll. The glass pieces can chip or crack. The lead strips can become brittle or bent, causing the glass to loosen, rattle in the wind, or perhaps even fall out entirely.


With expert stained glass repair, Denver stained glass lovers can see their beloved window or door panel restored to its original beauty. It will not look like a “new” piece of stained glass, it will still look like an antique because we can match the glass (we have hundreds of colors and finishes at our disposal) and we use special dark leads to give it that aged look.

What is the first step in stained glass repair, Denver consumers want to know?

First, we’d have to come to your home and assess the damage. Then we would know what strategy to use to do the repair and can give you a cost for the job. You might have one or two cracked pieces of glass near the edges, which is a pretty fast and easy repair. Or your whole window might be bowed, requiring the entire thing to be disassembled and then reassembled with brand new lead strips. And of course, cleaned and polished too!

Wouldn’t commissioning a brand new window be a better choice than stained glass repair, Denver customers frequently ask us?

That depends! If your window is an antique, the repaired version would have a value two to three times higher than the new window. And if you only have one but would like more, we can make exact replicas of the original for other windows in the room, giving your home an amazing style upgrade.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about the repair and restoration of your stained glass windows. You don’t need to live with them in a damaged or filthy state. We’d love to help, so why not contact us today?