Unique designs for unique Denver homes.

Homes in Denver often have unique features and styles. Different neighborhoods contain different types of architecture, and date back to different eras. All of that combines to give Denver its unique characteristics. Different people are drawn to these different looking neighborhoods, and they take great pride in maintaining their home’s original character, all the while putting their own individual stamp on it via décor.

One way to continue with the unique style is by adding custom stained glass to window in your home. Denver Stained Glass can custom design a window to fit any style you like, or any style that fits your home’s unique character.

Two different friends of ours bought their homes, in some part, because the minute they walked into them and saw the original stained glass, they were smitten. Many features of the homes were the same, but the stained glass added something so lovely, they simply could not resist it. If your home did not come with any antique or original stained glass, you can get something just as lovely.


If you like that antique look, we can come up with a unique stained glass design inspired by antique styles. For some true inspiration, please take a look at our antique collection, imported from old homes in Scotland. While these pieces are small, and the chances that they will fit correctly into one of your existing windows is slim, we can build custom windows inspired by these unique designs.

Or any other unique designs, for that matter. Do you lust for a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style stained glass? Or have you always been a huge fan of Celtic music, Celtic culture, and Celtic stained glass? Perhaps you are jonesing for a bit of nature inside your Denver home, something to remind you of the mountains? In that case, our signature Aspen style might be just the unique design you are looking for.

You are probably already getting the message that we can design any kind of style or pattern in our stained glass work. If you want custom stained glass that truly complements your home’s style, or your personal style, we hope you will contact us. Our designers will come to your home, and together you will create the perfect stained glass windows or doors for any area of your home, interior or exterior.

And that includes a unique design of your very own. If you can sketch it or describe it, we can build it. Here at Denver Stained Glass, we pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship, outstanding customer service, and of course, an outstanding finished product. We would love to earn your business, and we hope that you will contact us for custom stained glass that suits your own unique style.