Stained glass sidelights for privacy

Stained glass sidelights can do a tremendous amount for a home’s entryway. They can take it from ordinary to wow. From see through to private. From dull to sharp. From boring to phenomenal. With stained glass sidelights, Denver homes get an upgrade in style and privacy and value.

Our custom designed stained glass sidelights can be done in any style, any pattern, any type of design and any types or colors of glass that you – the customer – prefer. The choices are all yours. When it comes to stained glass sidelights and stained glass entryways, homeowners can add more privacy as well as more light into their homes.

Here’s how the whole “more privacy” thing works. If you have either one or two sidelights on either side of your front door, you know that anyone who comes to your front door can see inside your home. Perhaps all they can see is a vestibule or a dark hallway, or maybe they can see your living room. In any case, many of our customers have covered over their sidelights to prevent strangers from looking in. They might use paper, cardboard, or even a drapery panel. But all of these things make the interior even darker than it already is. And let’s face it, they don’t look that great either.

But with stained glass sidelights, Denver privacy lovers get the privacy they are looking for and still let the light shine through into the home. In fact, if a homeowner adds a stained glass panel or two right into the front door, they will keep their privacy but have substantially more light.


Want to see some of what we have been discussing?

Click here to see some of the stained glass sidelights Denver area clients have commissioned from us in the past two decades. Notice the different styles and designs. Each of these windows has been custom designed specifically for that client’s tastes and to complement the look of their entryways.

Click here to take a look at our entryway gallery, and notice how the entryways with stained glass added to the door are letting in much more light. (This might require the purchase of a brand new front door, depending on what you already have.)

When it comes to stained glass sidelights, Denver residents usually choose a design containing our special leaded and beveled glass. This is usually done without any color, different from what most people imagine when they think of stained glass. But the frosted and beveled glass let in maximum light, allow for complete privacy, and the beveled glass will even catch and refract the sunlight coming through the windows in lovely and unique ways.

For more information about stained glass sidelights, Denver or across the state of Colorado, please contact us today.