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Stained glass repair experts

When it comes to stained glass repair, Denver homeowners sometimes aren’t aware that it is available. They aren’t sure if they should bother. They don’t know whether the cost will be worth it or not. And they don’t know whether the piece needs a simple repair or a more lengthy and costly restoration.

Here at Stained Glass Denver, we have extensive experience with both stained glass repair and stained glass full restoration (usually for larger, antique stained glass windows.)

Many of our clients have purchased a home that came with a stained glass window in the entryway, hallway, or other part of the home.

Sometimes they have stained glass panels installed in a transom over an interior door or in a skylight. And sometimes, these older stained glass windows and panels have cracked or chipped pieces of glass. They might be missing a piece of glass. Or they might be so grime encrusted, the homeowner is unsure how to clean and repair them.

With our special methods for stained glass repair, Denver residents can rest assured we can restore their stained glass beauties to their original luster and condition, and then reinstall them into their original locations. The cost, of course, is always dependent upon how much work needs to be done.


Let’s say you have a filthy old stained glass window with two cracked pieces of glass. To make the stained glass repair, Denver installation specialists will uninstall the window and bring it to our studio. Next, we will thoroughly clean the window with a special solution that dissolves grime and old glues and cement, if any. We will only disassemble the piece as much as is needed to reach the damaged glass, which we will replace with matching glass. Then the window can be reassembled and reinstalled in your home, office, or wherever it came from.

On the other hand, if the problem with the windows is bowing or sagging, it might be the lead strips which have become bent or brittle over time, and are no longer holding the glass tightly in place in the piece. This might call for a full restoration, where the entire window is disassembled and put back together with brand new lead.

Stained glass repair, Denver stained glass artisans know, is an exacting and detailed process that can make all the difference to the look and longevity of your windows. We recommend contacting a professional repair specialist like our firm at the first sign of any damage. For more information about stained glass repair, our repair and restoration techniques, or to get a quote for a repair job, please contact Stained Glass Denver by Scottish Stained Glass today.