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Stained glass repair experts

When looking for a company to do stained glass repair, Denver residents are advised to go with the experts at Scottish Stained Glass. We know how to assess the damage and determine exactly what the individual piece of stained glass needs to bring it back to its original beauty.

When it comes to expert stained glass repair, Denver clients have a lot of questions. They want to know if it is worth it to repair their stained glass, or should they perhaps commission a brand new window. This is rather subjective, and depends on the extent of the damage. But we can say that when it comes to antique stained glass, the repaired or restored window would be worth approximately four times the amount of a new window.

If the window is not an antique, it might have great sentimental value. When it comes to stained glass repair, Denver residents should get an estimate first and then decide if it is worth it to them.
There are various reasons why a stained glass window might be in need of repair. Perhaps one or more pieces of glass have chipped, cracked, become loose in the lead strips that hold them in place, or fallen out altogether.


If this is the case, the window must be uninstalled. We will take it back to our studios to complete the repair. Starting from the edge closest to the damage, we will carefully disassemble the stained glass window, piece by piece, until we reach the damaged area. With our style of stained glass repair, Denver customers can rest assured that their window is in expert and caring hands. We only disassemble as much as is necessary to do the repair.

Once the missing or damaged glass has been replaced with matching glass, our artisans will reassemble the window. Then it will be cleaned and polished and readied for reinstallation.

Another reason for stained glass repair, Denver customers are discovering, is that the window was originally installed with no protection from the elements. We will reinstall the window inside a protective pane of clear glass, bonding the two together so no dirt or debris can get in between them.

Do you have a stained glass window, door, hanging panel, or lighting panel that is in need of repair? Here at Denver Stained Glass by Scottish, we work on projects large and small. For more information about stained glass repair, Denver or across the beautiful State of Colorado, we hope you will contact us today. Sometimes if a repair is left undone, the situation will deteriorate until a full restoration is required, which is a much bigger and costlier project.