Stained glass installation experts

There is more to custom stained glass than just creating the perfect design and having it hand crafted. The installation is a vital part of the process, because without the right installation your stained glass can be easily damaged or even ruined over time. When you work with Denver Stained Glass by Scottish, you are working with a company who uses the most expert installers and specialized installation techniques.

When it comes to stained glass installation, Denver customers don’t know very much about it. They are frequently surprised to learn that we will not remove their original glass window panes, but rather install the new stained glass right to the inside of those panes, for protection from the elements.

This is the stained glass installation Denver customers receive most of the time. It involves bonding the new stained glass to the existing glass, then using a bead of caulk to ensure that no dirt or debris can get between the two panes. The caulk can be colored to match the existing window frame.


For stained glass installation, Denver customers sometimes want their windows in very humid, moist, or wet areas such as a bathroom shower stall window or even in a pool room or steam room’s door. The fact is, this much moisture will have no effect on the stained glass, not over any amount of years. However, the lead strips (known as “caming”) that hold the pieces of glass together and give stained glass its distinctive look can be degraded by the water over the years. In such a case, we make a stained glass “sandwich” with a piece of plain old regular clear glass bonded to either side of it. In this way, the stained glass is as thoroughly protected as humanly possible and will remain strong and beautiful for generations to come.

So please consider stained glass installation, Denver! It is really an important part of the process. By the way, if the stained glass is not the perfect size, the installation will be a nightmare or downright impossible. We use CAD software to ensure our blueprint is exactly to spec, and our master artisans cut and assemble each piece of glass by hand, to ensure a perfectly fitting window.

Here at Denver Stained Glass we also sell antique stained glass windows, which require a whole different type of installation. It is unlikely they will fit into any of your existing windows, but they can be installed as hanging panels, either in front of a window or even on a wall.

For more information about stained glass installation, Denver or anywhere up and down the Front Range, please contact us today.