Stained glass installation experts

At Denver Stained Glass, installation is an important part of what we do. It’s equally important to coming up with the right design. It’s equally important to making an exact pattern. It’s equally as important as how our builders hand craft the stained glass window or door panel.

Denver stained glass installation should always be done by experts. In our twenty years in the custom stained glass business, we have developed various installation techniques for different types of locations in a home, office, commercial space, or church.

For instance, extremely large and heavy stained glass panels for a church require different installation techniques than installing a small residential hallway window. And installing stained glass into an extremely moist or wet area requires yet a different technique.

We even have a special technique for the installation of a hanging stained glass panel. Why not work with the experts? At Denver Stained Glass, installation is part and parcel of what we do. Our custom process is simple.


1. We visit the client in their home or office and work together to create the design that meets the client’s needs and preferences.

2. Back in our Denver studio, we build the stained glass window or other panel by hand, according to exacting specifications. One artisan cuts and assembles the glass, polishes the piece, and then it is ready for installation.

3. The Denver Stained Glass installation is quick and efficient. All of our installers are highly experienced and know which installation technique to use in which location or circumstance.

Our basic Denver Stained Glass installation method is designed to ensure the window is protected from the elements. We usually install the new stained glass panel to the existing pane of glass, bonding it securely. Then we caulk around the edges to ensure no dirt or debris can get in between the two glass surfaces. In this manner, the existing plain pane of glass protects the stained glass from the elements and any flying rock or tree branch. We intend our stained glass to last for generations to come.

However, although we consider our Denver Stained Glass installation to be permanent, the fact is we can easily uninstall it if the client decides to move and take the stained glass with him or her. Or if it does somehow become damaged and in need of repair or restoration.

For more information about stained glass installation techniques or to set an appointment with one of our talented stained glass designers, please contact us today. We’d love to show you how incredible your home or office can look with our custom stained glass designs.