Stained glass for any church.

We have to admit to having a special passion for church and religious stained glass. Denver churches, and churches across the country, have been using stained glass windows since the turn of the nineteenth century or even earlier. This is a specific kind of art form that is not just for visual pleasure, but to stand as testament to the congregation’s faith, their devotion to their religion and their church and can add deeply to their experience of worship.

With the design and installation of church stained glass, Denver area churches, chapels, and cathedrals join in a long and impressive history of religious stained glass around the world. Cathedrals with huge stained glass windows hundreds of years old still exist today all across Europe.

Whatever the size of the church, the size of the windows, or even the size of the church’s funds, we can custom design stained glass art that will complement it. When it comes to church stained glass, Denver clients have varying styles and ideas as to what they would like. We work with each church individually, to design windows that represent their style of worship.

Many traditional churches still want religious artwork, depicting scenes from the old or new testament, Biblical scenes, spiritual symbols or icons. They still favor the striking vivid colors that church stained glass is famous for.

Religious Stained Glass San Antonio

But many other churches are looking for designs that speak to today’s changing aesthetics. They want more modern designs, sometimes very simple ones such as a dove or olive branch. With church stained glass, Denver houses of worship can have exactly what they want, custom designed and hand built using the highest quality materials that will last for many generations to come.

Would you like to take a look at some of the church stained glass Denver area churches, chapels, and other houses of worship have commissioned from us in the past two decades? Click here to see our religious stained glass photo gallery. You’ll notice the different styles, from simple to intricate, from modern to deeply traditional. We can do all this and more, depending on your needs.

By the way, if you already have stained glass in your Denver area church, repair and restoration are also two of our passions. We never want to see the work of the stained glass artisans from days gone by go to ruin. If you need repair or restoration of church stained glass, please contact us immediately.

But if you are looking for brand new church stained glass, Denver or across the state, we would also be honored if you’d consider us. Why not call and make an appointment with one of our talented church stained glass designers?