Denver Stained Glass Window Designs

Stained glass experts

We create custom stained glass windows for Denver homes, offices, commercial and municipal spaces, and for churches and other houses of worship. Denver Stained Glass is proud to be part of the largest stained glass studio of its kind in the country, using local designers and artisans.

With our twenty years in business and our 60,000 plus windows designed, hand crafted, and installed into delighted clients homes and other spaces, we consider ourselves to be your stained glass experts. And we hope you will agree.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about our custom process for designing and building stained glass windows, Denver!

It all starts with a visit from one of our talented and experienced stained glass designers. Now, everyone has different tastes. Each of our clients might be imagining something completely different when they call us to set an appointment for their stained glass windows. And it is our job to determine which styles, designs, and types of glass our clients really love, the ones they will never tire of. The ones that will complement their homes’ or offices’ décor the best. We collaborate with each client, tossing around ideas, looking at photos and samples, creating sketches, until that client is positive of what they want. With our stained glass windows, Denver art and design lovers get into the action, giving us as much feedback as they want. They can even show us their own design ideas.

Would you be surprised to hear that when it comes to custom stained glass windows, Denver homeowners usually prefer leaded stained glass designs using no colored glass at all? This allows them to add elegance, privacy, value, without clashing with any color scheme or making too huge of a statement in the room. For homes, leaded stained glass designs add the perfect touch of class.


Click here to look at our leaded and beveled stained glass windows, Denver.

For stained glass windows, Denver businesses frequently want more color to make a stronger statement. Popular in shops, restaurants, bars, etc. are stained glass windows featuring the name of the establishment as part of the design.

Click here to take a look at some of our commercial stained glass designs.

Once the design and types and colors of glass have been decided upon, we go back to the studio and get to work. The stained glass windows Denver Stained Glass creates are hand crafted by one of our specially trained artisans. No assembly line here! But first, we perfect the pattern using modern CAD software, so it will be sure to be exactly what the client expects and fit perfectly into their windows or doors. We order any glass and supplies needed from the highest quality manufacturers. And then, our artisans get to work.

Would you believe that for all of our stained glass windows, Denver and across the country, each piece of glass is hand cut and hand assembled? Our clients always tell us they can see the difference in our quality.

For more information about stained glass windows, Denver or across the state, contact the stained glass experts at Denver Stained Glass.