Stained glass designed in your favorite artists’ style.

Stained glass comes in many different colors, shapes, textures, and styles. It’s been a popular art form for centuries, just as oil painting has been, and through the years there have been many wonderful stained glass artists. Much of their work has been celebrated and has stood the test of time as well as a Picasso or a Renoir.

Some of the more well-known stained glass artists were also architects, who incorporated stained glass into their buildings as an integral part of the design. Maybe you have a favorite style or favorite stained glass artist, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, or Charles and Henry Greene, better known as Greene and Greene. Many of the residences and other buildings these architects designed still stand today with the original stained glass artwork intact, and some of them have become museums or other tourist attractions because they are so iconic and so beautiful.

If you are not familiar with any of these men’s amazing stained glass art, take a look.

Frank Lloyd Wright/Mission Style

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Greene and Greene

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Denver

Are you just discovering the beauty of these iconic stained glass masters’ work? Or have you always dreamed of having one of these gorgeous, unique stained glass pieces in your home? If you have, then we have some good news. Stained Glass San Antonio can design stained glass pieces to reflect the same style as your favorite artists.

Naturally, we would not copy any of their designs exactly, for that is no different than copying a Picasso and passing it off as your own. We would use their flavor, their aesthetic, and their legacy as the inspiration to create a brand new design in that same style as any of those stained glass artists. One that would give your home the same feel.

So if you are a huge Frank Lloyd Wright admirer, for example, we will custom design a Mission inspired piece for you that will bring the same feel into your home, using the same clear glass with pieces of earth toned glass in it for contrast.

Now here’s a completely novel idea. What if you have your own unique style, and your own different ideas for a stained glass piece? In that case, you would become your own stained glass artist, working with one of our Stained Glass San Antonio designers, and we would be the builders who will carry out your vision.

Each piece of stained glass we design and build is custom made to your specifications. So whether you love the style of a particular stained glass artist or you fancy being the stained glass artist, we can and will make you the stained glass windows or doors you have been longing for.

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