Stained Glass can give Your Basement Cabinets a Unified Look

If you have a finished basement and are looking for a unique way to tie the decor in with the rest of your home, you might consider cabinet stained glass. Stained glass for your cabinets can be custom designed to give your basement a unique look. If you already have a style in place, stained glass can make a beautiful addition to your pre existing style.

Whether you have a bar area with cabinets, or simply some other storage elements in your
basement, stained glass Denver is a beautiful way to add a unique style to plain cabinets, and
bring your design to the next level.

Stained Glass Denver

Leaded glass windows are beautiful, and working with a custom glass company makes a huge
difference in your home. We’ll create cabinet glass fit specifically to your units, and designed
perfectly for your home and space.

Cabinet stained glass is one of the most amazing updates you can make to your kitchen, but it’s
also amazing in basements. You can use the glasswork to display items in your cabinets, or we
can use textures and colors to keep the inside shelves hidden. No matter what you choose, you
can count on a true upgrade to your cabinet doors.


To get started, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation with one of our designers. During this free consultation, we’ll take the time to get to know your style, and help you discover the perfect design to fit into your home. We often sketch out several options for our clients, and we’ll always have glass samples on-hand to give you a better idea of our selection.

Since every design is custom, we’ll work with you to find the right fit. First, we recommend that
you browse through the photos on this site to get a better idea of the styles that you prefer, and
your designer will start from there. If you see a look that you like, we’ll tweak the design until it’s
something that you love for your home. We can even make changes to a design that will give
you a similar effect with a lower cost.

Choosing Your Stained Glass Cabinets

If you’ve got stained glass in other areas of your house, adding it to your basement will create a
unified look for the entire home. We can match the designs and styles throughout your living
space, and create something cohesive.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like more information on the process, don’t hesitate to
contact us via phone or email today. We can’t wait to hear from you!