Stained Glass can be an amazing addition to your garden.

Stained glass art is often seen in churches, homes, and businesses. When people think of having stained glass installed, it is usually a window or a door. Sometimes businesses will have a stained glass sign, or stained glass lights.

All gorgeous.

But what about you? Are you looking for something completely different and unique for your backyard décor? Do you have lovely landscaping, a party-worthy deck, or well manicured flower beds? If you love your back yard or your garden, we’ve got a new and unique idea for you.

Have you ever considered a custom stained glass hanging piece for your garden? Stained glass is amazing in any environment and can create a unique look that is one of a kind. If you are a rose aficionado, and spend hours tending your roses, you might like a hanging design with the famous Glasgow Rose developed by master architect and stained glass designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

If you love to lift a glass of wine on your deck and toast with friends or family, then you might love garden stained glass with a bunch of grapes or a glass of wine on it. Are you getting the idea?

Stained Glass Fort Worth

Garden stained glass can be small or large, hanging or free standing. It can even take the form of a modern sculpture, with freestanding custom stained glass panels, perhaps at one edge of your patio. It can be a small circular or hexagonal panel that hangs from the roof of your deck with chains. This makes an eye catching alternative to the usual wind chimes or dream catchers usually seen on porches and decks.

Does your deck get a bit too much sun? How about some hanging stained glass panels around the sides of the deck, which will give you more privacy, some sun protection (depending on the glass you choose) and make your deck into a showstopper worthy of a museum!

If you are shocked by the idea of putting stained glass outdoors, the fact is that if it is quality stained glass – like the kind we construct here at Denver stained glass, made with the highest possible quality materials – then your garden stained glass will be sturdier than you might imagine.

And when you are considering garden stained glass, don’t forget the doors leading out to your yard. Any sliding glass doors are the perfect place to continue your stained glass motif.

If you’ve considered garden stained glass, but haven’t been all that taken with the mass produced pieces you might have seen in the big box stores, you will love the quality of Denver Stained Glass. You will love the freedom to design the garden stained glass you want, any styles, any patterns, any colors.

Please call us at Denver Stained Glass to schedule an in-home consult with one of our stained glass designers and get your garden gorgeous!