Stained glass art designs

Are you looking for stained glass art, Denver? The unique and beautiful kind? The kind you install into your windows and doors and it completely changes the look and feel of any room in your home or office?

If you are looking for gorgeous stained glass art, Denver, we would love to show you ours. Better yet, we would love to make you a custom designed piece in the style and pattern and colors that you love best. It would be your own unique design.

Many people agree there is something truly incredible about stained glass. But they don’t always think of it as art. We would love to change that perception. Did you know that famed architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright considered his stained glass windows to be an integral part of his overall designs and he referred to them as light screens? We’d be willing to be this iconic master considered his stained glass designs to be glass art, wouldn’t you? With our custom designed stained glass art, Denver residents can even bring a Wright-inspired piece of art into their homes.

We do custom stained glass inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, with a similar look and feel to his designs. We are also inspired by the stained glass art of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the brothers Greene and Greene, and many others. Whose stained glass art, Denver readers, inspires you?


Click here to see some of the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass art Denver and other Colorado customers have ordered from us.

One of our clients’ favorite things (aside from the finished windows) is working together with one of our stained glass designers to create a unique design or something that so perfectly suits their tastes. With our stained glass art, Denver homes can take their décor to a whole new level of gorgeous.

Stained glass art, Denver customers will be pleased to hear, can be designed and built in any size or shape. And it doesn’t have to be just for a window, either. How about a series of stained glass panels in those double French doors? Or a stained glass panel in your skylight? Or stained glass kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors? And with our stained glass art, Denver customers can even commission hanging panels or lighting panels.

We work with homeowners, business owners, and churches. For more information about our custom designed and hand crafted stained glass art, Denver and across the state, please give us a call today. We’d love to show you how spectacular your home or office could look with a piece of stained glass art. We’d love to earn your business.