Restore your stained glass

Stained glass is built to last the test of time. Although glass is a rather breakable substance, intact stained glass windows have been found dating back hundreds of years. However, as stained glass windows age, they might become damaged and in need of either repairs or full restorations. The older, larger, and heavier these windows, the more likelihood that they will need restoration at some point.

For stained glass window owners in Denver, stained glass restoration is something they might not know much about. They might wonder how much such a restoration will cost, or even if it’s worth the money to do the restoration.

For Denver Stained Glass, restoration is an honor. We are thrilled to study and restore the work of the stained glass artists of yesterday and ensure that their gorgeous creations can last another century or more. To that end, we have developed special restoration processes that return the stained glass to its original beauty, strengthen its structure if need be, and ensure its installation will be stronger and more durable than the original installation was.

At Denver Stained Glass, restoration always begins with assessing the damage. A stained glass piece might have chipped, cracked, or missing pieces of glass. If only a few, that would qualify as a repair project. A restoration is much more comprehensive, involving disassembling the entire window. Then thoroughly cleaning the existing glass, replacing the missing glass, inserting new lead strips which may be enhanced on the inside for extra strength (this is likely for large church or chapel windows that are very heavy), and reassembling the entire window. At this point is polished to a beautiful luster and ready to be reinstalled.


For many churches in Denver, stained glass restoration can be cost prohibitive. However, if the stained glass does need restoration, the longer the client waits, the more damage can occur and the higher the costs will be to restore it. So we recommend contacting us at the first sign that the window is deteriorating. Ask us how we can help you with the fund raising you might need for the restoration!

If you stand beneath your stained glass window and look up at it, do you see the window bowing or sagging? Are pieces of glass suddenly cracking or falling out? This can be the result of its weight and the effects of gravity on that weight over time. It can also be the result of the lead strips becoming brittle or damaged by exposure to the elements. As part of our restoration process, we will reinstall the window with steel supports to support its weight, and an extra clear pane of glass on the exterior of the window to protect it from the elements.

In Denver, stained glass restoration is best handled by the experts. We have two decades of experience with stained glass restorations and have worked on projects large and small for clients across the country.

One of the most famous was the restoration of the huge Deco stained glass lobby ceiling in the Boulderado Hotel, in beautiful Boulder Colorado.

For more information in Denver on stained glass restoration or repair, we hope you will contact us today. We can answer any questions and give you a quote for the job. We respect and admire all kinds of stained glass and would be honored to work on your restoration project.