Antique Stained Glass San Antonio

Restore your stained glass

Stained glass can last for centuries, indeed, there are cathedrals and churches in Europe where the stained glass is hundreds of years old. However, it is likely to require restoration along the way. When stained glass hits the antique age, around one hundred years old, that is usually when it starts needing some TLC or a full restoration. When it comes to stained glass restoration, Denver Stained Glass has extensive experience.

We have developed special processes to restore antique stained glass, no matter how large or small the piece. We can not only bring it back to its original beauty, we can reinstall it after the restoration in a way that will be more stable and more long lasting than it was originally.

When it comes to doing a full stained glass restoration, Denver stained glass owners are recommended to call us sooner than later. Whatever problems the window is having will only get worse over time, requiring more and more work.

Process for Stained Glass Restoration, Denver

The first step is always to assess the damage. Clients can tell us what is happening with their stained glass windows or send us photos. Here are some of the signs a window might need stained glass restoration.

1. When you stand under it and look up, you can see that the window is no longer flat but sagging or bowing.

2. Pieces of glass are starting to crack or fall out for no reason. (Except there is a reason, it is the instability of the window and the pressure of its weight on the deteriorating lead strips that is causing the problem.)

3. If a piece of plexiglass was ever placed over the stained glass to protect it, this can trap moisture between the plexi and the stained glass panel that can seriously damage the lead strips.


With stained glass restoration, Denver Stained Glass usually advises clients that all the lead will have to be replaced, as it grows brittle over time and no longer holds the glass tightly in place. The window will have to be uninstalled and taken to our restoration studio.

Steps in a full stained glass restoration, Denver style, include:

1. Soaking the glass in a special cleaning solution to remove the decades of grime or dried on cement, glue, etc.

2. Disassembling the window piece by piece.

3. Matching and replacing any damaged, cracked, or missing glass. (We have access to hundreds of types and colors of glass, so matching is rarely a problem.)

4. Reassembling the window using brand new lead strips. If the window is large and heavy, these strips are reinforced for strength on the inside.

5. Reinstalling the restored window into its original location using our special installation methods.

For more info about stained glass restoration, Denver or across the state, please contact us at once.