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Restore your stained glass

If you are looking for stained glass restoration, Denver or across the State of Colorado, we would like to tell you about our special restoration process.

But before we get into that, perhaps you are wondering why and when stained glass needs to be restored. If you have an old stained glass window or panel, perhaps even an antique, how do you know if it does need restoration?

That’s a great question. Although stained glass has been popular in the churches and cathedrals of Europe since the Middle Ages, it burst into popularity in the U.S. around the turn of the twentieth century. Churches from coast to coast had gorgeous stained glass masterpieces designed and installed. This means that much of that stained glass is now an antique, or nearing antique status. And many of these windows were massive in scale.

With stained glass restoration, Denver area churches and other locations with large old stained glass windows have a way to give these windows back their original beauty, and ensure their longevity for another century or more.

Denver Stained Glass Window Designs

One of the things that happens to old stained glass is that the lead strips become brittle, bent, and might no longer hold the pieces of glass tightly in place anymore. If the windows are large, they are quite heavy and the effects of gravity might have taken their toll as well. If you stand beneath the window and see it bowing inward or sagging, if pieces of glass are starting to crack or even fall out entirely, then you can be sure that the windows need stained glass restoration in Denver or anywhere else across the country.

With our special process for stained glass restoration, Denver churches can contact us with photos or a description of the problems. If we restore the windows, we will first have to uninstall them and bring them back to our local studio. Then, the glass is soaked in a special cleansing solution. The window is taken apart, piece by piece. Any damaged or missing glass is matched and replaced. The window is reassembled with the same glass, but with brand new lead strips that can be strengthened and stabilized on the inside, for longevity.

When we reinstall the stained glass restoration, Denver clients tell us they cannot believe the difference in the beauty and majesty of the piece. By the way, we also use special installation processes that will prevent the same sort of damage from happening again.

For more info about stained glass restoration, Denver or across the state, we hope you will contact us today. If you do suspect your stained glass is damaged and in need of repair or restoration, we urge you not to wait, as the problems will only get worse over time.