Give your kitchen a new style.

When it comes to kitchen stained glass, Denver homeowners are always surprised to hear that it can work in many places other than just that little window over the sink. Stained glass doors or even stained glass lighting is popular for kitchens.

The kitchen is usually one of the most used and most well-loved rooms in any house. Once it starts getting old looking, many homeowners would love to modernize it, but the cost is off putting. After all, there’s really nothing wrong with the old stove or the old cabinets. They are as functional as ever. But still, the homeowner longs for a new look in the kitchen. Perhaps they add a coat of fresh paint, or re-stain those boring cabinets. And it’s better, but still missing something. Perhaps what it’s missing is not thousands of dollars’ worth of new appliances, but some custom kitchen stained glass, Denver!

With kitchen stained glass, Denver homeowners and kitchen lovers can have a brand new style in the kitchen, without the expense or the ordeal of ripping everything out and starting over. Think about it! Here are some of the places a piece or two of custom stained glass would make a huge impact, style and design-wise, in your kitchen.

Denver's Finest Custom Stained Glass

Let’s start with the windows. Do you have more than one? Stained glass kitchen windows, Denver homeowners are learning, take an ordinary kitchen and turn it into something elegant and classic. They are so eye catching, especially when the sun shines through them, that you probably won’t even notice that avocado colored fridge ever again. If your windows face a lovely view, perhaps a backyard flower bed or just your backyard where you enjoy watching your kids play, then consider clear stained glass designs, with a bit of color for that wow factor. You’ll still have your view and a fresh look to the kitchen. Now, if the view is the side of your neighbor’s garage or a highway overpass, then you might want leaded stained glass kitchen windows instead. Made with frosted or pebbled or beveled glass, they block the view but not the light, giving you something much prettier to look at when you’re in the kitchen.

When it comes to custom kitchen stained glass, Denver kitchen connoisseurs know that the piece de resistance is kitchen cabinet stained glass. We’ve mentioned those boring but functional cabinets a couple of times already. Imagine how phenomenal they might look with a stained glass design marching across the front of the cabinets.

But don’t take our word for any of this. Click here to see some of the many designs for kitchen stained glass Denver and other area residents have had installed in their kitchens. And after letting these windows and doors fire your imagination, why not give us a call today?