Custom stained glass for your Denver home.

Home stained glass, Denver residents are realizing, is a completely different look than what they might have seen in churches and cathedrals.

Why home stained glass, Denver? Because we know that you love and take great pride in your homes. You love to decorate them, to express your individual style, to make sure that every single aspect of your home reflects your great taste. And is as wonderful of an environment as you can possibly create. So why leave your windows naked?

With home stained glass, Denver homeowners can also solve a few thorny design and aesthetic problems in a creative, unique, and flat out gorgeous way.

Design problems solved by home stained glass:

1. You’ve decorated the room from flooring to ceiling, but it’s still missing that certain something to really make it pop. Stained glass can add a dramatic focal point or a subtle elegance, depending on the custom design and pattern you choose. Colored or clear? Intricate or simple? Antique style or modern style? You choose the design that will take that room to the level of beauty you want.


2. You’ve got windows, but the view outside is, shall we say, less than fantastic? Perhaps you’ve got a high-rise condo in downtown Denver that’s windows overlook a parking lot. Or you have a lovely suburban home but your hall or bathroom or even bedroom windows open onto the side of your neighbor’s home, and you don’t even like the color of his siding! Stained leaded glass in frosted or beveled types of glass will block that ugly view, add something pretty to look at, and still let in the light.

3. You’ve got a bay window behind the master bath, a great feature you were really looking forward to when you purchased the home, but every time you get in the bath you realize a bit more privacy might be nice. Again, frosted stained glass will give you the privacy and still let in the light. Or a pattern consisting of partly clear glass mixed with some colors will also do the trick. This is also fantastic for those sidelights in your home’s entryway, where you just don’t want prying eyes.

4. Home stained glass, Denver residents are finding out, is not just pretty, it’s also practical. Because not only does it add beauty, it adds value. It makes your home unique, which just might be a fantastic selling point if and when you ever put it on the market. No matter whether the market is hot or cold, prospective home buyers flip over stained glass.

As you can see, with home stained glass, Denver residents can have just what they are looking for, any size or shape window, in any colors, designs, patterns, or styles that they love. Which styles do you love? Are you already imagining your home with some stunning stained glass? Then why not give us a call today?