Custom stained glass for your church.

Stained glass is available in many different styles, colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Different kinds of congregations seem to gravitate to different styles, some more traditional, some much more modern. At Denver Stained Glass, we know how different each style can be. That is why we custom design our stained glass windows to make sure they are a perfect fit for each individual customer. When it comes to church stained glass, Denver congregations are finding out that this is no different.

In other words, we will custom design stained glass for any church, rectory, bible school, cathedral, temple, or any other house of worship. Church stained glass, Denver parishioners believe, truly enhances their worship experience. It is inspiring, enlivening, and evokes a beautiful and historic tradition.

When church stained glass first became popular, it was actually used to tell a story. In medieval times, large percentages of the population could not read. Scenes from the bible and religious icons and symbolism were actually used to illustrate biblical principles and teach the congregation.

Although that is no longer necessary, the tradition of stunning stained glass windows in churches lives on. Probably because it is so inspirational and beautiful. Church stained glass, Denver congregations now believe, is a link to the traditions of old, a way to stay connected as well as enhance their modern experience.

Church Stained Glass Denver

This is why we still get so many commissions from churches across the Front Range. However, in many cases the subject matter of church stained glass, Denver and the surrounding cities, has changed dramatically. Although some churches still go the traditional stained glass route, many others commission more modern looking pieces.

Take a look at some of the church stained glass Denver Stained Glass has hand crafted over the past two plus decades. You’ll see it really runs the gamut of styles, traditions, designs patterns, stories, and more, from the simple to the extravagant. Click here to see our church stained glass photo gallery.

For religious or church stained glass, Denver Stained Glass is the area leader. When you make an appointment, one of our designers will come right to the church and help you decide upon the most perfect design. A design that your parishioners will admire. A design that gives the message you want them to receive. A design that will enhance the experience of worship. And windows that will stand the test of time.

For church stained glass, Denver and the outlying areas, please contact us today. We would love to earn your business!