Custom stained glass designs.

With custom stained glass, Denver stained glass lovers can add the styles and designs of their choosing to their homes or offices. What do you think of when you hear the term custom stained glass?

Many of our clients immediately assume that anything custom is too expensive and will be out of their reach. We offer various areas of customization. The design is customized to your tastes and specifications. But since we have experienced designers and use CAD technology, this customization is not expensive. We also build each window to the exact dimensions of your windows, so that is another area of customization: the size and shape. But that is also not any more expensive than if you bought prefab stained glass in a big box store.

When purchasing our custom stained glass, Denver homeowners are getting a product that is not just custom designed but is also hand-crafted, using a combination of traditional and modern methods and materials. And because we do take so much care with our hand-built products, they can be a bit more expensive (and take longer to build) than that prefab window you saw in the store.

Aspen-stained-glass(2) (640x628)

However, if you are on a tight budget but would simply love some stained glass in your home, it is our custom stained glass designs that will make it possible! So in this case, instead of custom being more expensive, custom can allow it to be less expensive. With our custom stained glass, Denver clients work with a designer. She can adjust and simplify the pattern to make the finished window less expensive, because a significant amount of the cost is based on the complexity of the design. More tiny pieces of glass equal a higher cost.

Our custom stained glass Denver designers have the experience to create a stunning design in the style you like, and bring it in for a price you can afford. What is your custom stained glass style? Do you like the Celtic style? Art Deco? The Mission style or the Prairie style of the early twentieth century? Actual antique stained glass style? Or something new, fresh and modern? Perhaps like our own signature Aspen style? (Click here to see our Aspen stained glass collection.)

And where would you like stained glass in your home? The entryway? The bathroom? The kitchen? How about to cover those not very attractive well windows in your otherwise beautifully finished basement?

If you want to know more about custom stained glass, Denver or anywhere on the Front Range, why not give us a call today? We look forward to showing you our custom designs and hearing your ideas.