Custom stained glass designs for your outdoor lamps.

Custom homes in Denver seem to pay very close attention to the details. Their owners are very particular about aesthetics and décor and want everything “just so.” That includes their outdoor lamp shades. No boring, generic lampshades for this crowd. This attention to detail and uniqueness makes for a gorgeous and inviting environment that these homeowners love to come back to, and show off via entertaining friends and family.

When it comes to the outdoor lighting, most people don’t pay too much attention to it. But an amazing upgrade to the outdoor shades your home came with is via custom stained glass outdoor lampshades. The use of stained glass brings everything together and creates an amazing custom look. Imagine gorgeous stained glass in the light fixture above your front door. Or perhaps in any outdoor lampshades in standing-pole type lamps on your property.

Are you surprised by this suggestion? Many of our clients are at first. But then we remind them of the Tiffany lamps, and how stained glass lampshades actually have quite a long tradition behind them. And then their imaginations get going. Next thing you know, they are all gathered at the dining room table with one of our designers, creating sketches and tossing around ideas. Yep, ideas for stained glass outdoor lampshades. (Of course, you can have stained glass in your indoor lampshades as well.)

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Denver

You might have outdoor lamps in various places around your property: in your entryway, your walkway, on your deck or patio, over your garage doors. Custom stained glass in all of them will really give the exterior of your home a major league “wow factor.” All for an affordable price.

If you are the type of homeowner who lets no décor detail escape, this might be the perfect idea for you. Imagine your electric outdoor lights shining at night, right through a gorgeous stained glass lampshade. Imagine the play of colors, the way the colors light up in the night. Generally, outdoor lighting has a simple utilitarian function. Give light in the dark. But with stained glass outdoor lampshades, you are adding something else, something more esoteric.

For more information, for more ideas, and for a price estimate, why not contact Denver Stained Glass today? Our experienced stained glass designers will come to your home, check out your lighting fixtures, and provide all the samples, examples, and inspiration you might ever hope for. Light the way to beauty on your block with custom stained glass outdoor lampshades.