Custom stained glass designs

Are you looking for custom stained glass in Denver? If so, you’ve definitely wound up on the right website. We customize our designs to each client’s specifications, along with customizing the size and shape of the window or door panels as well.

What does custom stained glass consist of? Let’s talk a bit about our stained glass process. When a client first contacts us, we’ll set up an in-home appointment with one of our designers. During the appointment, the client and the designer will talk style, pattern, colors, ideas, and more. In this way, we are able to come up with designs that suit that particular client’s tastes, that match and complement their décor and architecture, that take their rooms to a whole new level of style and gorgeousness.

If a client has decorated their home in well kept antiques, they just might want to commission an antique design stained glass window from us. If another client has a modern and minimal looking home, they would of course want their stained glass to reflect that style, so we would design something that works perfectly. And if yet another client has always loved the stained glass designs of Frank Lloyd Wright or another famous stained glass designer, we would create something in that same vein.


With our custom stained glass, Denver customers get to choose their own style. Art Deco or Art Nouveau? Simple or complex? Traditional or contemporary? With our custom stained glass, Denver customers also get to choose the colors or types of glass that they want in their home, office, or commercial space. Bright colors? Earth tones? Mostly clear glass with some colors in the design? No colors at all? (This is called leaded stained glass, and it is usually made with frosted or otherwise textured glass that can offer privacy while still letting in the light.)

And of course, with our custom stained glass, Denver clients can choose the window or door where they want their stained glass to be installed, or even have us build a hanging panel instead of doing a more permanent installation. (Actually, no installation has to be considered permanent, since we can uninstall a stained glass window for a client who is moving and wants to take it with her, or to do a repair or restoration.)

Do you have any windows that are an unusual size or shape? Perhaps a half moon transom over your front door, or a round window in a Victorian attic? We do any size or shape stained glass, customized to be a perfect fit in the window.

For more information about custom stained glass, Denver or anywhere across the state, why not give us a call today?