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Custom kitchen stained glass designs

When it comes to the kitchen, Stained Glass Denver has a bunch of great ideas as to how to make them look fantastic. We’ve heard from many clients through the years, who would love an entire kitchen remodel, but don’t want either the expense or the disruption to their normal lives that it would entail.

We always suggest adding some stained glass. This adds such a stunning touch, so unique and eye-catching, that the entire “feel” of the kitchen is altered and upgraded. After all, what’s as gorgeous as custom stained glass?

Popular places in a kitchen to add stained glass are any windows, doors, and even the kitchen cabinet doors. And wherever you choose to add stained glass, we will create a design just for you. To your tastes, something that will truly enhance and complement the look of your kitchen. With custom kitchen stained glass, Denver homeowners can get exactly what they want. Let’s look at some scenarios:

1. Let’s say your kitchen windows open onto an unappealing view. But you don’t want to keep the shades down, because you like the natural light. With custom kitchen stained glass, Denver homeowners get something much more beautiful to look at, the offending view is covered, and the sunlight can still shine through.

2. Let’s say your kitchen cabinets are older, boring, perhaps a bit worn. You’ve considered having them refinished. But instead, why not consider having striking stained glass inserts added instead? They can be all the same pattern, or in a mural life effect that stretches across the whole row of cabinets. Imagine the instant difference to your kitchen with this type of kitchen stained glass, Denver!

Denver's Finest Custom Stained Glass

3. Let’s say you did have a kitchen remodel, and everything is new and beautiful. New countertops, new appliances, new lighting. And yet, somehow, when it’s all finished you are still lacking a bit of wow factor, a bit of personality and uniqueness. Why not solve that problem by adding some stained glass to your windows, pantry door, patio door, lighting, or anywhere else you’d like it? With this kind of kitchen stained glass, Denver kitchens go from new to extraordinary.

If you’d like to see some of the kitchen stained glass Denver clients have commissioned from us, please click here. But remember, if you see something you like, we can do something similar for your kitchen. But if you have completely different ideas, our designers will work with you to create custom designs that bring your ideas to life.

For more information about kitchen stained glass, Denver or anywhere up and down the Front Range and into the Rockies, please contact us today at Stained Glass Denver by Scottish Stained Glass.