Custom hallway stained glass

We create custom hallway stained glass, Denver. So why leave your hallways dull and uninspired? Why leave them dark and drab? Why not add some beauty and interest, while taking full advantage of any windows you have in the hallway.

With our custom hallway stained glass, Denver homeowners can add some privacy to a hallway window that opens onto an undesirable view such as an alley, the side of your neighbor’s house, or perhaps even someone else’s window next door. Awkward! Instead of boring shades, drab blinds, or curtains that make it too dark, a stained glass window adds an instant infusion of great style, elegance and class. And it lets in the light.

We do our custom hallway stained glass in any style our client’s prefer. One might love a pop of Art Deco drama in the hallway. Another might want the elegance of our leaded and beveled stained glass. When it comes to the style, pattern, and colors of our custom hallway stained glass, Denver customers have complete flexibility of design.

And by the way, when you are considering hallway stained glass, Denver, don’t forget those vertical hallways: yes, we are talking about staircases. Do you have a window in your staircase? Imagine the drama and sheer gorgeousness of stained glass in it!


Click here to see some of our leaded and beveled stained glass designs. Can you imagine any of these beauties in your hallway?

Or what about antiques? Many of our customers love the antique look and have decorated their homes in this style. Click here to see some of our antique replica stained glass designs. Would one of these beauties take your hallway to the next level of chic?

Decorating a hallway can be tricky. If it is narrow, then you can’t add any furniture. Even bulky paintings on the walls can take up too much space, make the walls feel like they are closing in. But with hallway stained glass, Denver hallways look brighter and don’t lose a fraction of an inch of space. And if your hallway windows are functional, they will still be functional once we have installed the stained glass panel, so you won’t lose on either light or ventilation.

What type of hallway stained glass would be perfect in your home? If you have ideas, we would love to hear them. The first step in our custom design process is always to set up an appointment in your home and send one of our designers to work with you.

For more information about hallway stained glass, Denver or across the state, why not give us a call and make that design appointment today?