Beauty and privacy

Many homeowners take special care when decorating their bedrooms. They want the feeling of a comforting oasis. Or a place that really reflects their tastes to wind down in. When it comes to bedroom stained glass, our clients have very individualized tastes. That is why we create ever piece of bedroom stained glass custom, to our clients’ tastes and specifications.

Although custom stained glass in bedroom windows or doors can make a beautiful impact, it can also have practical benefits as well that many of our customers have never considered.

Let’s first talk about privacy. Does your bedroom need a bit more? Do the windows open up to a much used back yard, or to your neighbor’s view? Or do they face the street? In any case, you might want more privacy without having to open and close the curtains or the shades all the time. And you might want that privacy without sacrificing the natural light shining in your bedroom. If any of these reasons describe your situation, then custom bedroom stained glass is the beautiful and sophisticated solution.

But what if privacy is not the issue. What if your bedroom windows let in too much light? And the only way to keep it from jarring you awake in the mornings is by closing those aforementioned heavy curtains. Kind of ugly, wouldn’t you agree? Kind of old fashioned looking, too. A modern twist? Bedroom stained glass in colors or types of glass that blocks or mutes some of that light.

denver stained glass bedroom-stained-glass-windows

The type of bedroom stained glass we would recommend for privacy issues or for over-abundance of sunlight issues would probably be different. For privacy, you might want to let in as much light as possible. In that case, leaded colorless stained glass is your best bet. This might be frosted or pebbled glass mixed with some beveled glass, to really take advantage of the sunlight.

For blocking the light, different types of glass might be better. We’d be happy to advise you. If you make an appointment with one of our local designers, please be sure to mention any practical concerns when you are working together to create the style and design.

By the way, your custom-designed, hand-crafted bedroom stained glass can be done in absolutely any style you like, or any style that matches the furnishings in your bedroom. Is it filled with lovingly cared for antiques? Then one of our antique designs might be the perfect complement. Is it more modern and minimalistic in décor? Then one of our more contemporary styles might be just the thing. The decision will be yours!

For added beauty and privacy in your bedroom, why not contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our design staff?