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Beautiful church designs

Church stained glass has a long and glorious history, wouldn’t you agree? There are still stunning examples of religious stained glass found in churches, chapels, and cathedrals across Europe that date back hundreds of years, all the way back to the Middle Ages in some cases. When it comes to lovely and expressive church stained glass, Denver churches are not that old but some of their art work is just as magnificent.

In this country, church stained glass really burst into popularity around the turn of the twentieth century. What many people don’t realize is that stained glass was originally used in churches to teach and educate, since at that time much of the population was illiterate and could not read their own bibles! However, although these days we are quite literate, the tradition of church stained glass continues.

With church stained glass, Denver churches and other houses of worship can join this beautiful and inspirational tradition. When you work with Denver Stained Glass, we do custom religious stained glass designs. Each one is created, designed, and hand crafted specifically for that client.

When it comes to our church stained glass, Denver customers tell us they never imagined it could be so beautiful or make such an incredible difference to their church. We can do traditional scenes out of the Old or New Testament, in fine detailed workmanship. Or we can do more contemporary and less literal designs, as the church prefers. We work with you one on one to create the perfect design.

Church Stained Glass Denver

Please click on this link to see some of the many beautiful pieces of church stained glass Denver customers have commissioned from us in our twenty years in business. We have to admit, we hold a special place in our hearts for religious stained glass. The colors, the themes, the scope, and the fact that it will be used to move and uplift so many people for so many years to come: all these things are very inspiring for us.

As we mentioned earlier, church stained glass became extremely popular in Denver and across the country around the turn of the twentieth century, and has continued its popularity ever since. But this means that many of those early twentieth century pieces are antiques today, and some are in need of repair and restoration. We are always honored to restore the work of the master artists and craftsmen who came before us. We love to study their designs, and have perfected several special processes to ensure that a piece of religious stained glass can be restored to its original beauty and can last another hundred years or more.

For more information about our custom designed and hand built church stained glass, Denver or across the state, please contact us today.