Antique Stained Glass Restoration in Denver bungalows

Many of Denver’s older historic neighborhoods are made up of single story bungalows, built before the 1940s. This style of home was considered part of that era’s popular Arts and Crafts movement, and these homes frequently contained stained glass windows or doors.

According to, “The Craftsman-style bungalow found a steady following in the Denver real estate market from 1910-1930. The popular Arts and Crafts movement took hold during the Industrial Revolution and called for a more simple and natural home style.”

Today, most of these bungalows are still standing, still inhabited, still well loved . . . including their stained glass panels. However, while many of these sought after homes have had many renovations done to their interiors, the stained glass is usually untouched. And it might need some loving restoration!

Whether you’ve lived in your Denver bungalow for many years or have just moved into one, what to do with that stained glass window might be on your mind. Sadly, if they are damaged over time, the homeowners might have them replaced with regular windows, not realizing that they can be easily restored.

Although glass does stand up to both the elements and the march of time surprisingly well, there are various issues that might crop up in your antique stained glass, issues that require restoration and repair.

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Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we take the restoration of antique stained glass bungalow windows very seriously. We are honored to have the chance to work on these gorgeous pieces and restore them to their original glory. We are thrilled that you can go on enjoying your restored stained glass for many decades to come.

If you are moving into a bungalow style home with damaged stained glass, please don’t have it removed and discarded. Give us a call instead. Antique stained glass can be quite valuable. Did you know that a restored antique stained glass window will carry a value approximately four times that of a brand new stained glass window?

If your bungalow stained glass window is missing pieces of glass, we can usually replace it with new glass that will match quite well. If there is any problem with the lead strips holding the window together, we can replace them as well, using our special dark leads and special soldering techniques that will keep it looking like the antique it is.

Antique stained glass restoration is an art. Our specially trained stained glass craftsmen are highly experienced and know how to restore your windows. If you have a Denver bungalow with stained glass that needs repair, restoration, or just a cleaning and polishing to bring back its light and luster, please give us a call today.