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Hail Damage Repair – Residential Church Stained Glass

Did you know that hail has caused more than $3 billion in insured damage in Colorado over the

past ten years? That statistic might mean nothing to you, but when your beautiful stained glass

windows are damaged in a hailstorm, the point is brought home in a most unfortunate way.

Nature can wreak havoc with anything man made, including stained glass.

Recent hailstorms across the Front Range have set our phones ringing with residential stained

glass owners as well as churches who are looking to have their damaged stained glass repaired.

And we are always happy to give the encouraging news: yes, your gorgeous and valuable stained

glass can be restored to its original condition. (If it was quite old, it can be restored to an even

stronger condition.)

With our expert stained glass hail damage repair services, we will assess the condition of the

panel, uninstall it, do the repair work in our local studio, and then reinstall it into the home or


Residential Stained Glass Hail Damage Repairs

Whether your stained glass panel is a small sidelight or a huge stained glass bay window in your

bathroom, we will do as much or as little repair as required. Our process involves disassembling

the panel from the edge closest to the damaged area. We take apart only as much of the window

as is absolutely necessary to replace the cracked, shattered, or completely missing glass.

With our access to hundreds of types and colors of stained glass, and our contacts with the finest

glass manufacturers, you can rest assured that we can match the original color or finish of the

glass. Once we add in the missing pieces and fully reassemble the panel, we also clean and

polish it. It’s ready for reinstallation into your window or doors. This is done with a protective

hail-resistant sheet of plain glass on the exterior of the stained glass, to protect it from any further


Church Stained Glass Hail Damage Repairs

Damaged church stained glass is particularly unfortunate, since the congregation is usually very

proud of the windows and their beauty is a huge part of the experience of worship in that church

or temple.

We have seen examples of large church stained glass windows that have been shredded by

hailstorms. We follow the exact same approach as outlined in the residential section to repair and

restore the windows. We can also add greater structural stability to the stained glass, if that is

required, and we always reinstall it with protective hail-resistant glass on the exterior, so hail

damage will become a thing of the past.

Please contact us today for more information about stained glass hail damage repair or to receive

a quote for a repair job.