Why Right Now Is The Time To Put Stained Glass In Your Denver Home!

The Perfect Time For Stained Glass In Your Denver Home Is Now

It is no secret that the real estate market in Denver, Colorado is booming right now!  If you are trying to find a house to buy that is not such a good thing.  But, if you are looking to stay in your home or sell it, there could not be a better time for your state of affairs.  Because of this incredible market for homeowners and sellers, we at Denver Stained Glass are convinced, and apparently, our influx of new customers are too, that this is the absolute perfect time to put stained glass windows on your Denver home.  Why?  Well, the reasons are clear and we at Denver Stained Glass hope that you will take advantage of this critical and profitable time for home ownership in Denver.

Why Stained Glass, Why Now?

Higher ROI/Resale Value:  Stained Glass for homes right out of the gate, regardless of real estate conditions has a pretty impressive ROI.  Typically people see a 10X return on stained glass window spending meaning, for instance, a three hundred dollar ($300) piece of stained glass could increase the market value by $3,000.  In a market like Denver, your return is sure to be much higher.

Increased Home Perceived Value:  Just as stained glass increases the actual value of your home, it also increases the perceived value, meaning when people walk into your home the value they believe your home to have, is influenced by the stained glass they see.  This is a fantastic tool for selling your home for the highest price possible if you are looking to sell.  Even if you are not, it’s still a jaw dropping feature for guests who visit your home.

Upgrade Your Home Instead Of Move:  Right now, even though home prices are at an all time high, it is very difficult for those who own homes in Denver to actually move.  This is because even when you sell your current home for far more than you paid, you still need to find a place in a price range that doesn’t eat up all your profits.  This is why people are opting to stay in their home and simply upgrade what they have to fit their needs.  Putting in some custom stained glass windows is a great way to get the home of your dreams without moving!  And as mentioned above, you are increasing the value significantly anyway with stained glass so-i-it is a win-win.

If we have you as convinced as we are that right now is the time to put stained glass windows on your Denver home, contact us today and let’s get you going on the custom stained glass windows and the home of your dreams!