Transom Stained Glass Ideas for Your Denver Home

Have you been pondering what to do with your transom windows? Transoms are an excellent source of light and are great for illuminating spaces that might otherwise be dark or dim. For this reason, they’re a popular choice for entryway doors that lead into foyers, staircases, smaller rooms such as bathrooms, and interior doorways. However, in terms of aesthetics, transoms are often lacking. One option you should consider is replacing the flat glass in your transoms with stained glass. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite transom stained glass ideas for Denver homes.


What Are Transoms?

Transoms are small windows located on the uppermost section of a wall. Often, they’re placed above a doorway or another window. Usually, they’re about 1/4-1/3 of the way down from the ceiling. Rectangular shaped transoms are most common, but sometimes they can be arched, circular, octagonal, or square.


Ways to Enhance Your Transoms with Stained Glass

Transoms are practical because they let in light. But in terms of appearances, they can be quite boring. Sometimes, too, they showcase views that are less than ideal, like neighboring homes or brick walls. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. You can replace your transoms with stained glass to give your Denver home a more stylish look. Here are some of our favorite transom stained glass ideas:


denver transom stained glass

Prairie Style Stained Glass

This style was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright. We love the warm earth tones.


denver transom stained glass

Modern Leaded Glass

Leaded glass is a modern alternative to traditional colorful glass.


denver transom stained glass


A nature-inspired design is a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.


denver transom stained glass


Mission designs are very versatile and popular.


denver transom stained glass


Achieve the perfect balance between privacy and style with beveled glass.


Explore Ideas for Your Home

Elevate your transoms with stained glass. Call Denver Stained Glass today to explore designs for your home.