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Custom Stained Glass Options for Your Denver Home, Restaurant, or Store

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your home or commercial building and highlight its unique architectural features, you may want to consider installing a custom stained glass installation. Denver Stained Glass creates beautiful stained glass windows, signs, entryways, and more for home and business owners all throughout the Mile High City. Stained glass is a creative way to add charm and aesthetic appeal to your architecture. Due to its shimmering, prismatic appearance, stained glass shines like a precious gem and creates a high end, vintage look in any setting in which it’s displayed.

Design Process

Our designers will work closely with you throughout the process of customizing your stained glass door or window. We begin by offering an in depth consultation to discuss your goals and ideas for your project. Then, we’ll present a series of drafts and CAD versions of your window to make sure we get all the details right. If you want some suggestions, we are more than happy to provide them. Our designers have been in this business for a long time and therefore have a good feel for what looks good with different styles of architecture.

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Custom Stained Glass Applications

When most people think of stained glass, they imagine bright and colorful cathedral windows that are hundreds of years old. But the reality is that stained glass is commonly used in many modern businesses and residential properties. It looks pleasing aesthetically and is highly functional due to its ability to provide light and privacy. Some common applications for custom stained glass are:

Entryways: Stained glass provides privacy while also creating a visually captivating entryway for your home or business. Stained glass transoms, sidelights, and doorways are all very popular in high end establishments in Denver.

Lighting and signage: If your building has an antique or vintage design, stained glass can be the perfect addition to make it really shine. In the past, we’ve created stained glass signs, hanging panels, and lighting for many restaurants, pubs, stores, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

Bathrooms: It’s important that your bathroom has a high level of privacy in order for it to be a comfortable space. Stained glass creates a privacy barrier for your bathroom without blocking out natural sunlight.

Other uses: Many people opt for a custom stained glass installation for nostalgic or personal reasons. Stained glass family crests, portraits, and paintings are all very common requests we receive from our clients.

Choose Scottish for Custom Stained Glass in Denver

When it comes to your personal artwork, you want to work with a company you can trust. Stained Glass Denver has a vast amount of experience in creating beautiful custom stained glass. Call us today to speak to an expert to get started on your project.