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Boulderado Ceiling Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

At Scottish Stained Glass, when it comes to stained glass repair and restoration, we put forth our best effort into preserving as much of the original glass as possible. We work with care and thoughtfulness to replace damaged pieces so that the stained glass maintains its original appearance and shows its true beauty for years to come.

Our Past Stained Glass Repair & Restoration Projects in Denver

Throughout the past twenty years, we’ve worked on many stained glass projects that involve repairing or restoring stained glass windows in Denver to their original state. Due to our fine-tuned techniques and the expertise of our staff, we’ve been able to restore many complete windows, doors, transoms, ceilings, and other installations for homeowners, churches, and commercial businesses.

Restoring the Stained Glass Ceiling in the Boulderado Hotel

A few years ago, we were given the task of restoring the dome ceiling in the Boulderado Hotel, which is located in the beautiful community of Boulder, Colorado. The original stained glass ceiling that was installed in 1977 had started to deteriorate so badly that panels were falling out of the ceiling.

This caused quite a concern for the owners of the hotel as the ceiling was the main architectural attraction of the building. Many people get married at the Boulderado due to the immense beauty of its stained glass ceiling. Therefore, it’s responsible for the popularity of the hotel and also brings in the majority of its business.

boulderado hotel stained glass repair restoration

A Challenge Readily Accepted

A restoration of the ceiling had been attempted in the past, but unfortunately did not hold up over time. Due to its poor condition, the ceiling had to be restored. However, the owners of the hotel didn’t want to put their main attraction out of commission. So the restoration had to be done in a manner that allowed guests to still enjoy the ceiling while repairs were still ongoing.

Through a well thought out process, we were able to replace the stained glass without the ceiling ever having the appearance of a missing panel. We were able to do this by building replicas of the panels with seven different shapes of glass. Each piece was removed, immediately replaced with a temporary replica, and then repaired and restored without anyone being able to notice that a part of the ceiling was missing.

The Repair and Restoration Process

For the repairs to occur, the panels had to be disassembled. Each piece was taken apart until all the broken glass could be safely removed. The original glass that could still be used was saved to preserve as much of the original panel as possible. The glass that was severely damaged was replaced with our stock of glass. Then the stained glass was re-leaded and reinforced with steel bars to provide additional strength and protection. After being thoroughly cleaned and polished, each panel was reinstalled in its original position.

hotel boulderado stained glass ceiling restoration

View Our Restoration of the Boulderado Stained Glass Ceiling

The stained glass ceiling in the Boulderado hotel now stands completely restored is available to tourists for viewing. If you’re interested in seeing exactly what the restoration looks like, you can take a tour of the hotel to view it in person.

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