Hallway Stained Glass Denver

Hallway Stained Glass Denver

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  • January 17, 2012

Hallway Stained Glass Denver

Scottish Stained Glass can add beautiful leaded glass to any area of your Denver home, but one of the most unique locations is in hallways and stairwells.  When you need privacy in these areas, it can be impractical to add blinds or curtains.  By adding stained glass, you can add more style to your home as well as the privacy you need.

If you have exterior windows that lead to a hallway or stairwell, privacy may be a big issue in your home.  In Denver, many homes have been built fairly close to one another.  Windows in these areas of a home are often neglected, but still create problems.  When you walk down the stairs in the morning with your fizzy slippers and bed-head hair, you probably don’t want your neighbors peeking in, even if they look the same!

By adding stained glass for these areas of your home, you won’t have to worry about privacy anymore.  We offer many different choices for beveled and textured pieces, and the possibilities of leaded designs are endless for your Denver home.  This application is becoming more and more popular with Denver homeowners because it actually makes homes feel more complete by adding flair to an often un-styled place in a home.

Hallways and stairwells aren’t just neglected in terms of privacy, but also for style.  Using custom stained glass is an easy way to incorporate your personal style into your home fully, and upgrade these areas from just plain passageways.  Plus, since each piece is completely custom, you can find a window that compliments the rest of your home perfectly.

Scottish Stained Glass Denver

At Scottish Stained Glass Denver, each piece we build is custom and locally built here in the Denver area.   Our designers can work with you to find the leaded design, textures, and colors that go best with both your personal style, and the style of your home.

Our experienced designers and builders have been working with custom stained glass for over 20 years, and we are the leading stained glass provider in the nation.  Let us show you how adding a piece of leaded glass to your hallway or stairwell can complete your Denver home in style.